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A Poem for Bobby Farrah

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Dancer of the Year IAMED Winners

Amaya, Fahtiem, and Delilah

Amaya (L), Fahtiem, Delilah (R)
1998 - - - - - - - 1999 - - - - - - 1997







Sultan's Delites




Fahtiem and Dina
Dina and Fahtiem, September 6, 2003
Fahtiem with Dahlena
Fahtiem with Dahlena

Mahmoud Reda & Fahtiem
Yousry Sharif and Fahtiem, Oasis Dance Magic 1997
Yousry Sharif & Fahtiem
Oasis Dance Magic 1997
Photo by Monica Tibbs
Dalia Carella and Fahtiem

Ansuya with Fahtiem

Fahtiem with Mesmera

Angelika Nemeth, with Fahtiem
 Bobby Farrah, by Fahtiem

Fahtiem and Bobby FarrahWhen a person comes into your life and triggers the best that is in you - It is a gift that is unsurpassed.
Stop and take note.
For you never know how long you have, or how long the opportunity will last.

A man such as this, has touched my life in a way that I will long remember.

He allowed me to see a part of his Soul and to connect to a part of mine, forever.

Not only did he broaden my view of life, music and dance,
He opened my ears as well as my heart to give more songs a chance.

For what is a Song,
But an expression of life, from someone's point of view.
Something they have lived, loved or lost.
And we can connect through.

I know the way to best honor his gift is to pass it along to others.
I make it my quest to do my best.
To hold my chest high and without a sigh,
Carry his name with glory -
For it is important to all that knew this man,
That he be remembered in Oriental Dance History.

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