Fahtiem Presents Oasis Dance Magic
2002 Gala Show - The Video

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Oasis Dance Magic, The VideoNow, for the first time, Fahtiem Presents Oasis Dance Magic for you to take home with you, and relive the magic over and over again.

A Unique investment in dance, one that you can watch and find something new each time. Whether you want to simply sit and relax and enjoy the performances, or study what makes a great dancer, from technique to presentation, this video will inspire you.

The emphasis is on Middle Eastern Music and Dance, most of which is so intense and awe-inspiring that the interspersed variety performances are well-paced and leave you refreshed and ready for the next presentation. These include Curtain Up! Song and dance ensemble, Gibe and Borracha Brasilian martial arts/dance duo, and Tammy Rochelle, spirited songstress.

The Video Features: Virginia from Miami- Her Egyptian style performance is full of surprises, with precise technique and a fabulous smile. Azar- In a beautiful fire colored costume, gives us her trademark Turkish drop and sultry floor work. Ritmo Y Sabor Dance Company- This sassy latino group with energy and enthusiasm to spare will leave your heart beating a little faster. Sahra Saeeda- Elegant and exquisite takes us on a mini-tour of Middle Eastern Dance, with Egyptian Cabaret, Khaleegy, Cane, Debke and Drum solo. Amir Thaleb- Charismatic and with showmanship to spare; crisp, sharp accents and spectacular back bends, gives us two distinct and energetic performances, ending with a drum solo duet with Virginia. And of course, Fahtiem- Entering dramatically and spectacularly with "angel wings" to funky, modern music and continues perfectly through to drum solo and mesmerizing belly movements.

A Review:

Fahtiem's Oasis Dance Magic Gala Show (2002) The Video

As video editor, I was in the unique position to watch this show for many, many hours. In the course of studying, memorizing, watching in slow motion and in bits and pieces, I was surprised that I learned something about great dancing. I have, after all, been in this dance scene for more than twenty years, and thought I pretty much knew all I needed to know!

Each performer had great dance technique, which could be a study in itself, but the performance did not end there, each performer also had their own special brand of charisma, energy and personality. By the time the video was finished, I had made a mental comparison of the wide variety of dancers and had found some fundamental similarities in these outstanding performances. I won't give it away, because discovering it on your own is more valuable. Also, you may see and conclude something different!

I truly believe this video is worth the investment, and I recommend watching it over and over again! Featured performers: Virginia from Miami, Azar, Ritmo Y Sabor, Sahra Saeeda, Amir Thaleb from Argentina, and of course, Fahtiem.

-- Jeanie Cafferty


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